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Schedule Masterclass

Classes are held from Monday to Saturday, at a rate of 8:30 per day, Sunday is reserved for the rest or to any repetitions. Classes are taught by Russian teachers and simultaneously translated into French, in the following disciplines: actor technique, acrobatics / Plastics individual and collective Vocals, Combat / Fencing / Juggling, tempo-rhythm, Biomechanics, Diction, Ballet, Piano, tap, Makeup.

During a day is organized generally as follows:
- The morning work, in the form of exercises, the availability of the body, concentration, attention and listening, the senses, the imagination, the notion of the individual and the group, sensory memory, precision of movement. Work on the sense of tempo and rhythm (speed of movement and emotional intensity), coordination in space (balance, momentum, center of gravity, movement accuracy).
- The afternoon practicing the morning exercises and game analysis (logic of action). Training Techniques actor, improvisation and work studies and observations.

The schedule of the training may be subject to changes. Here if there are 16 participants with one voice lessons and individual piano 1/2 hours per week.

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