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Information on Internships

Profile of trainees: Intended for professional actors or students. He is especially open to all who wish to revitalize through a different approach to the theater, as taught in Belarus, according to the principles and methods of Stanislavsky, Michael Chekhov, Meyerhold and Tovstonogov.

Departure to Minsk

Studies July 2014: Friday, July 4 and return to Paris Thursday, July 31, 2014 Internship in August 2014: Sunday, August 3 and return to Paris Sunday, August 31, 2014 This course is under the sign of theatrical discovery. Therefore, we are happy to welcome anyone willing and able to question his stage practices.

Cost sharing

PAF (Participation In Fee) Training: 500 Dues to the Association: 15 Booking fee: 100 Administrative fees: 145 Operating expenses and accommodation: 475 Visa fee: 65 (within eight days)


The course is built around a concept: "From the Deed Feeling". A real mobilization and righteous acts are naturally born, during the process of the game, sincere feelings and sensations. We apply the methods based on real research processes to assist the trainee to experience feelings (sensations) when playing and analyzing the "psycho-physiological 'processes taking place on stage. Several modules are available to allow the actor to practice the whole evolution of the stages in the construction of the character. The labor is organized as follows: - Morning: Working on the availability of the body, concentration, attention and listening, the senses, the imagination, the notion of the individual and the group, the sensory memory, precision of movement in the form of exercises. - In the afternoon, the practice exercises in the morning, with work on the sense of tempo and rhythm (speed of movement and emotional intensity), coordination in space (balance, momentum, center of gravity, motion accuracy), and analysis of the game (logic of action). Punctuated by improvisations and presentation of work-based personal exercises.

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9 months to complete training Minsk
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