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Summer internship in China

Discover a country , a culture, a different approach to theater ... "From Kung Fu at the Opera of Beijing- From Stanislavsky to Mi Lanfang "

The Association Tomorrow Spring offers you the opportunity to participate in a summer internship in China. This four-week course during the month of August , you will discover the culture and arts of the Chinese scene. During this course you will have the opportunity to participate in multidisciplinary training 50 hours a week, from 7am to 20h Monday to Saturday .

Lessons content:

- Ta-Chi - Kung-Fu - Calligraphy - Art History - Chinese Cooking - Cultural visits - Mandarin lessons - Acrobatics / Beijing Circus - Singing techniques of Peking Opera PAF 770 * Before December 31, 2013 PAF 870 * After 1st January 2014 Send now CV + photo to: ming.chun.org@gmail.com We will send you more information about the registration process. * PAF: The participation fees include the cost of training, excluding airfare, accommodation costs and meals.

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