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The School of Russian theater "Tomorrow Spring"

The Education offered is from the theatrical tradition of Eastern Europe. Intensive and multidisciplinary, it meets a need of requirement and a thirst to learn expressed by many aspiring actors, coming mainly from Europe and Quebec, and finding no equivalent training in their country of origin. It forms since 1998 young theater enthusiasts in the process of professionalization through intensive training courses of the actor. Since 2004, the school offers a comprehensive training takes place nine months from September to June, called "Masterclass".

What is "School Theatre Russian? "

"The School Theatre Russian" is an approach to the art of the actor which was initiated in the late nineteenth century by an innovative current "Being an actor is to continuously develop his artistic talent, his sensitivity, humanism with a citizen spirit. "Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko and Constantin Stanislavski are the cause of the Russian school. The formation of the actor is based on teaching a technique, but also on the development, the actor, an attitude to his work. An ethic of life and work, based on the respect of his partner and his audience, a development of imagination and curiosity to the actor primarily an artist at heart. The director Constantin Stanislavski and Russian teacher has, in fact, added to technical learning, a transformation of the individual as a person, connected to a job that requires constant work on oneself, "for the actor works with his body, his mind, his own feelings and emotions. "

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