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A School of Theatre: The Masterclass led byLidia Aleksevna Monakova & Fabrice Carrey Participants

What is the project?

The project is to provide a multidisciplinary artistic training focused on the art of acting: total immersion to discover the Russian theatrical school ... as if you were a Russian or Belarusian student. test In addition to artistic training, but also for the actors, the opportunity to discover a country, a culture, and especially a different approach to the Russian Theatre, as human experience of a life based on sharing and solidarity with requirement values, and perseverance in work.

Organization and conduct of training

Training takes place in two phases. In the first phase, participants are offered to work on the concept: "From the Deed Feeling": a real mobilization and righteous acts are naturally born, during the process of the game, feelings and sincere sensations in the actor. The working method is based, firstly, on research methods that should help the actor in his play, to experience true feelings and sensations and, secondly, on the analysis of the process "psychophysiological "that occurs on stage. To this end, various modules and exercises are offered to the actor trainee to enable him to practice all stages of the building process of a character. In a second phase, the work is based on the analysis of a room, or how to approach an author: method of approach, analysis and work on situations and the characters. This approach is put into practice through studies and improvisations that participants are asked to carry around the room studied.

Multidisciplinary training

Although primarily focused on the theater, the artistic training is multidisciplinary and integrates various disciplines. Are taught: singing, dancing, fighting and fencing, plastic, work on the tempo and rhythm, etc ... Indeed, the art of the actor, as understood in "School Theatre Russian," appealed not only to the imagination, but also the body and the voice of the actor, as instruments that the latter must master. This is why the actor training also involves learning such disciplines: these are addressed not as "specialties", but as "tools" in the service of the actor.


After the discovery of the School Theatre Russian, the goal is to allow each participant to acquire a solid foundation and technical actor to build his "tools" actor. Although understanding of the Russian language is not required, it is possible to study Russian and European culture and for the more motivated to learn Russian (since 1800 hours are simultaneously translated from Russian into french). Far from his home country, and each participant will have the opportunity to discover a new art of living. We wish to raise responsible citizens, each with his personal journey to enrich an ambitious art project. (In 2012 and 2013: Trip to Moscow and group participation in theatrical song Festival Perm).

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