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Discovery sessions

Discover the Russian Theatre School!

During an afternoon devoted to the discovery of the courses offered by Spring Tomorrow you will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the theater as taught in the countries of the East, as well as education provided by Tomorrow Spring.

Discovery sessions are led by Fabrice Carrey, artistic director of Tomorrow Spring.

Schedule :

- First, we will answer all your questions about internships and Masterclass which are organized in Minsk, Belarus. - Then you'll get a glimpse of the Russian theatrical techniques that you will be taken to address. This stage will consist of group exercise for 1 h 30. You can familiarize yourself with the "actor's technique", which is the main subject at the heart of our training. - The session will conclude with individual interviews to answer your personal questions and take stock of this session with you.

For more information call us on (+33)1 42 81 33 96 and / or send your CV + photo to ecole@dptheatre.net

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